• The monthly fee has been calculated over 12 months, irrespective of absenteeism due to illness or vacation.
  • Parents leaving at the end of October or end of November are still liable for the school fees of  December month.
  • Three months’ (one term) written notice is required if the child is not returning to school for the subsequent term or year. In the event of failure to furnish such notice, the parent will be liable for an amount equivalent to one term’s school fees.  In exceptional cases (when arranged beforehand) one calendar month’s written notice will be accepted.
  • There will be an 10% increase in school fees once a year (at the end of the financial year: February) after the parents have been informed accordingly.
  • A non-refundable registration fee of R500 (per family) is payable on registration.
  • School fees are payable strictly in advance before or on the last working day of the month.
  • An additional R100 per child is charged for late payments, received after the last working day of the month.
  • Families with more than one child will get R200 discount per family, if payment is made on time.
  • School fees are as follows (until 28/02/2023):

    School Fees are as follows (until 28/02/2023)

    • Please contact us for pricing
    • Please contact us for pricing
    • Please contact us for pricing